Outta this world
Endearing herself to America and becoming an icon of the 80s, Drew took on the role of Gertie in Steven Spielberg's epic crowd pleaser, E.T. Following this huge success she starred in Irreconcilable Differences where she stole the show as a child wanting to divorce her parents, (ironically Drew did divorce herself from her own parents a mere eight years later). She also starred in Stephen King's adapted Firestarter as a pyrokinetic child with ESP and the ability to set things on fire with the will and power of her mind. Drew has set the Hollywood scene on fire with her own strong will and yet still remained lovable and sweet throughout her highly publicized struggles with alcohol and drugs, a failed suicide attempt, two failed marriages and strained family relationships.

Mad Lovely
During the 90s, Barrymore continued wowing us with her quirky and cool persona when she flashed Dave Letterman and married comedian, Tom Green. Never one to pass up an opportunity to mug for the camera, Drew also shed threads for a Playboy spread, revisited the 80's charm in the Wedding Singer with Adam Sandler, and revisited her own troubled youth in Mad Love with Chris O'Donnell.

A Flowering Career
Although she never even finished high school, Drew has proven herself a savvy force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry. Her production company, Flower Films, Inc. co-founded by her friend Nancy Juvonen in 1995 has hit a stream of steady success with the Charlie's Angels 1 and 2 fame and smaller sweeter films such as Never Been Kissed and Riding in Cars With Boys among others. Her flower power continues and upcoming projects include The Confederacy of Dunces, a Miramax adaptation of the Pulitzer Prize winning novel by John Kennedy O'Toole.